The Journey of Life Map [Adventure]

Tired of the same type of adventure in the world of Minecraft PE? We present you a peaceful and peaceful map The Journey of Life.

This wonderful adventure in MCPE will sleep you in a village house, and then lead you through a series of quests that you need to complete. Your ultimate goal is to find a potion of immortality, as well as build a pool on the roof of your house in Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can play any company from 1 to 9 players. In general, this card is just an adventure, which means you will not see fierce fights here!
Map The Journey of Life [Adventure] Screenshots:

Story line
You live in a country house all your life. And you like it. It is really convenient, because there is a market and a lake nearby. You madly love your village in the world of Minecraft PE, but you miss one thing – the roof top pool! But this is very expensive! You had to save almost 5 years to get close to the required amount so close, and now you almost saved up the right amount.

One day, on a walk, the old man stopped you. He said that you look like a bold and enterprising person, and also offered you to pay good money in return for the immortality potion that you need to find for him. What is this amount? Sufficient to build an excellent pool on the roof of your house in the MCPE. You just have to accept this challenge!
Set the rendering distance to a minimum
Do not destroy, do not break the blocks, if it is not in the task
You can take things from the chests
Do not kill mobs
Do not kill other players.



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