The Shrek Movie in Minecraft Addon

Many of us grew up watching films about Shrek. Each part was filled with atmosphere and fun. All of this is backed up by the Shrek era in memes. Therefore, we suggest adding a piece from the first movie to MCPE! For this we need the The Shrek Movie in Minecraft mod!

Thanks to this addon, players have the opportunity to add a 20-second clip from the first Shrek movie to the game. There is sound too. This is an excerpt about a bow, when the main character goes with a donkey to save the princess.
Shrek video up close


To play this video game you will need a rack and a tag. First rename the tag to “shrek” and apply it to the rack. This is where the video starts. To stop, smash the stance on the left side of the video. It is possible to use it as a TV.


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  1. excuse me but how do i do this

  2. to do this you get an armor stand then place the armor stand AND THEN you name it shrek and your done it works,
    it will only work if you put the mod on your minecraft world

  3. and it is VERY cool!

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