The Variants Addon

Thanks to previous updates, fans who are developing add-ons have the opportunity to more influence the functionality of the game. So the mod The Variants appeared.

After installing this add-on in Minecraft Pocket Edition there will be: new creatures, weapons. The weather in the Nether will also change. Let’s take a closer look!

Recipes for crafting

Addon Features:
New in the game

-Dirty ball: crafted from a block of grassy mud. A block of dirt is crafted from it.
– Brass Knuckles: Accelerates a player’s attack and knocks back opponents. Crafted from the same items as other tools (wood, stone, etc.)
-Abs: knocks back opponents. Crafted like brass knuckles, but has more damage.
– Searing bow: before you pick up this item in your hands, you will make sure that you have a withering effect.

New creatures:

They move slowly, in a prone position, and have little damage.
-Sand Cadavre
Zombie villager
-Pigman Zombie
-Soulsand husk
-and others

Creatures with a Half Body
They have half the body. They look like smaller versions of standard monsters, but have more damage and move slower.

Full creatures
Slow until they meet the player. Creatures are thrown back during an attack.
Zombie resident
-Soulsand husk
-and others.

New creatures
-Zombie pig screamer: not attack first. It has an improved attack.
-Lord of the beasts: in case of danger calls for help of coyotes.
-Killer: uses axes and does a lot of damage.
-Coyote: looks like a wolf, but a different color.

-Depth Monster: Looks like a Sentinel. Deals a lot of damage. Summons water.

-Cursed withers-skeleton: has great damage and HP. Dangerous enemy.

-The rest you will see in the game!

Reinforced Creepers

-Slyger: spawn in a swamp biome. Disguised as grass. Imposes poisoning effect.
-Explosive creeper: releases smoke and does more damage. Burns enemies.
and other species.

New residents

-Spearbearer resident: uses a spear.
-Berserker resident: Deals a lot of damage, but has a small health reserve.
-Knit resident: uses a shield and blocks damage.

In hell, the weather changed. Sometimes it will rain in blood.



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