Undertale: Free Roam Map [Creation]

On the territory of the map Undertale: Free Roam for Minecraft PE you will find a popular role-playing game called Undertale.

Originally it was created for Minecraft: Java Edition, but is now ported to MCPE. It’s a big world, along which you can walk to explore several different areas.  Solve a number of puzzles of the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Most likely, this map will be especially appreciated by players who already know this game.

Download this Map and enjoy!

Undertale: Free Roam Map Screenshots:



  1. Can you add the undertale pack you have in the pics

  2. It just spawns me in the void whenever I load the map.

  3. you know what make a download for the pack

  4. Clickbait
    This isn’t the full version of the map
    Please give the version with hotlands and the barrier and the core. But keep the format please

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