Welcome To The Tardis Map

Do you consider yourself a real fan of Doctor Who? If so, then Welcome To The Tardis map for Minecraft was created specifically for you! I think every one of you ever dreamed of visiting the TARDIS, and now you can realize this map in the world of Minecraft Bedrock. Here you will find many control rooms and other areas of the TARDIS, which are based on the world of the series. Your journey on this map for Minecraft Bedrock will begin in the ordinary world, where you will find yourself in a police booth, from where you will be able to get into the TARDIS.
Map Welcome To The Tardis Screenshots:

All rooms on this map are connected by corridors, so you will not be difficult to move from one to another.

Added new 13th room
Redesigned 9 and 10 doctor’s office
Reworked doctor’s office (version 2018)
Redid some redstone creations
Bugs fixed
Added .mcworld file


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