Zer0’s Lab Map

Want to feel like a real scientist of the world of Minecraft? We are glad to present you the Zer0’s Lab map, on the territory of which you will find an excellent laboratory. This is exactly the lab in which AgentCPU, also known as Zer0 Studioz, displays its Maincraft Bedrock display cases. Your attention will be presented to four different sections. On the territory of the main laboratory, you can find tubes for mobs and an area specifically designed for the demonstration of items and recipes of the craft of the world of Minecraft Bedrock.

On the second floor there is a multipurpose test room that can be used for almost everything. And for testing explosives and weapons, there is a special obsidian chamber in this area. In general, if you decide to become a real scientist of the world of Minecraft, this map is what you need!
Zer0’s Lab Map Screenshots:

Don’t break the test tubes anymore, use the buttons.
If you want to switch between day and night, there is a new button in the upper test room that can do this.
Now that you change the size of the obsidian camera, anyone will teleport back to the lab.
The obsidian chamber now uses / fill instead of / clone. The only camera you’ll see is attached to the lab.
All command blocks are hidden under the ground.


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