Coronavirus Addon

In 2019, a new virus began to rage in the world. It is dangerous and we do not advise anyone to take this lightly in life. But we have a chance to add it to the game and understand how dangerous this virus is. To do this, we offer the Coronavirus addon.

After adding this mod, the player will have the opportunity to infect living creatures in Minecraft with a new virus. For this, a bat corpse will be used. Throw him into the village and all the inhabitants will get sick, but be careful, since the player himself is in danger.

Special equipment will also appear that will help the player avoid infection, and an antidote.



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  1. how do i install this mod

  2. What does this add when it’s applied I just have nausea and sometimes Poison?

  3. 2019? uhh now i think about maybe its spelled like 2020?

  4. 2019 is maybe like the end of 2019 maybe?!?!?!?

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