Habitable Cave and Village Seed

In Minecraft Pocket Edition, it’s not often possible to visit a real cave. But to live in it? Perhaps this has not happened yet! Well, something always happens for the first time. Seed Habitable Cave and Village will reveal to you a lot of new things.
After spawning you find yourself on a completely flat terrain. After a few minutes you will realize that this is the real desert. And before that you have repeatedly visited such places. But the difference is that this seemingly deserted place is fraught with many amazing things. Many crafters will find out what the secret will be great shocked.
After walking a little more, you will find an amazing cave. It seems so strange, gray and empty that it’s somehow reluctant to go deeper. But still it is worth it.

What will add interesting in the Habitable Cave and Village Seed?

An unusual place that nature itself has created, and in which you can live.
To make it much more fun and comfortable, we recommend that you use special modifications and arrange the world at will.
Finding such a cave is not difficult; it is enough to see the mountain, and there is a small hole in it – this is the entrance to the cave where you can live.
Near the mountain you will find a beautiful picturesque pond – there is also a lot of interesting and informative.
Seed Habitable Cave and Village will show you the world of square reality a little different, many things in this area will cause you really admiration and surprise.
In addition to the cave, a cozy village will be a real discovery for players. It also has a lot of interesting things that you should see with your own eyes.

Seed: 716229092


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  1. What is the coordinates for the cave ?

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