Huge ravine with lava Seed

And this is not surprising at all! Because sitting on a huge ravine with lava for MCPE 1.2.10 is a real challenge to fate. And if you are ready for dangers and great difficulties, then this quest will definitely impress you and your friends. After all, the spawn will happen at the very bottom of the ravine, where there is full of lava around … to survive in such a place is almost impossible! But you have previously encountered more difficult trials, which means that you will somehow get out of here. The surest way to survive is to extinguish the flame with water as soon as possible!
Choose the right textures to make the gameplay even more difficult and impassable.

What is on the seed of a huge ravine with lava?

Naturally, the passage of such a complex test will open many new opportunities for players. And who most likely will find the treasured chest, will receive a lot of valuable things – 2 gold bars, from which you can then craft the necessary things, and another 10 blocks of obsidian, impenetrable (practically) armor in the form of iron leggings and even 6 oak seedlings.
If you are ready to test your strength and are ready for great difficulties, then rather put the seed on a huge ravine with lava 1.2.10 on your favorite map and find out that there is more interesting here, except for valuable objects and fiery lava. Yes, water should always be near you.
Be sure to check the version of the game Minecraft PE, before you start a new quest.

Seed: Seed: 1693237191


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