Pine forests and lava falls Seed

Even if your account already has hundreds of similar seed, all the same, take some time and visit the seed for pine forests and the lava waterfall . There are many cool things in it, in particular, and beautiful places that will allow you to see the square world of Minecraft PE from a slightly different angle.
Immediately after the spawn, you will see a large pine forest, and next to it and other forests you will find many reservoirs. Their purpose is quite different. But you, as a smart and creative person, can use them for your own purposes and needs. Even for mining supplies.
After a little walk further and immediately a big mountain will appear before you. Immediately behind it, more precisely, in the same mountain, you will see a lava waterfall. It is quite small, but even this size is quite enough to admire how the world of MCPE is limitless.

How to survive on the Seed  pine forests and lava waterfall?

Practically the same as you did before, visiting other seeders or cards. After spawning a good look around, and be attentive and armed. Unwelcome guests may meet on your way, so you just have to be ready for such a meeting.
Seed on pine forests and lava waterfalls  will give you many new beautiful places that will open up new opportunities. As a result, you will gain valuable new experience and discover new talents of survival and resourcefulness.
P.S. Especially scary things to expect from this location is not necessary, everything is quite within the power of the average statistical player.
Game client for this Seed – Minercraft PE

Seed: -452144452

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