Unusual wall in the jungle Seed

After the spawn each of you will be in an incredibly green and vegetative area. For many, this amount of greenery and vegetation is a big shock. But do not be afraid of what you are just strangers. In these parts is incredibly beautiful, and there are many cool buns, for which you came to this location. For example, seed on an unusual wall in the jungle will give you the opportunity to see a very unusual wall, which is also very close to the jungle. Also there are a lot of different reservoirs. What you will do with them is up to you. They can swim, fish or use for other purposes. If you previously downloaded a special mod for scuba divers, you can also try diving with an aqualung, or at least try to scout the bottom – maybe there is something interesting there ?!
Additionally, you can download textures and even more decorate the world.

Features of survival on the seed of the unusual wall in the jungle

In addition to the jungle, there are other interesting buns. This and a lot of logs that are lying everywhere. They can also be used for mercenary purposes and, if possible, build new houses and structures with their help.
You will find a wall next to a large desert, which we recommend to explore for everyone without exception.
In general, in this place you can unrealistically cool and quite fun and informative to spend your leisure time and learn a lot of interesting things.
Seed  unusual wall in the jungle will allow many of you to gain a new experience of survival in new conditions for you. To some they will seem easy, but for someone they will cause some certain difficulties.
Game Client – MCPE 1.2.0

Seed: 1333879021


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