3D Minimap Mod

Being in any territory, the player can not see everything around. Sometimes only a small part of the land is available for review. In many games, the player has the opportunity to see, schematically or otherwise, a mini-map on which he is marked and the entire location in miniature.

Such a navigation system helps a lot in orienteering while being in a world that is very large and which is difficult to gaze. Minecraft PE is such a world and wielding. It is very easy for a player to get lost in his variety. 3D Minimap mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.0 helps everyone to make the best of it. Mini map will be in the upper left corner of the screen. At the moment, only a small part of useful information is provided in the mod. The display of natural blocks is foreseen, so a player can see on a smaller copy the ground, water, sand, lava, as well as a stone, and, strictly speaking, his character.

In the future we plan to expand the functionality of this add-on. 3D Minimap mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.0 has just appeared. This is the first version of it, but it can already be understood by its utility for the game. Therefore, we recommend to download the modification, and in the future it will be updated and improved, and you will be able to follow the updates. Install the mod in Minecraft PE is not difficult. This requires Blocklauncher and the mod itself.

Launch BlockLauncher

Clicking on the wrench get into the settings section

Here we select the item ModPE-scripts, and in it already the Add button

Through a special menu, select the unpacked script mod.

We launch Minecraft – Pocket Edition and we observe the appeared changes.


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