Mortal Kombat Mod

The Mortal Kombat mod is based on the popular Mortal Kombat video game series, which was first released in 1992.

Mortal Kombat is a battle in which you as a player can choose a certain character to play them and fight. Then, in 1992, it was a world-famous popular game. But in comparison with today’s video game, violence is not as terrible as you can imagine.

How to turn into each character?
In the mod of Mortal Kombat there are no crafting recipes for creating items with which you can turn into that or that character. Therefore, you need to use the Too Many Items mod to get the necessary items, items and weapons of the Mortal Kombat mod for MCPE.

When you have installed this mod you can open the Too Many Items mod inventory to get new items (the full list of identifiers can be found below). Then click the desired element on the ground to turn into a character.

Kotal Kahn:
This guy is a totally rude person who can cause a blood outpouring in most of the mobs. The blood will simply in the literal sense of the word sprinkle with the mobs and animals. Kotal Kahn has a definitely strong character.
When you turn Kano you will get Cybernetic Sword [Cybernetic Sword], which will set fire to enemies for 1-2 seconds.Mortal Kombat Mod 0.10.5

As Princess Kitana you will receive a fan like a weapon that will shoot deadly snowballs. Mortal Kombat Mod 0.10.5

Raiden is the everlasting God of Thunder. He can in his hand hold power over lightning. When you hit the enemy, the lightning strikes it and makes a small explosion. Mortal Kombat Mod 0.10.5

When you turn into Kenshi you will get a possessed sword – a Katana weapon that will cut enemies in half, killing them. It’s the perfect art to be precise in your business – to kill others instantly. Mortal Kombat Mod 0.10.5

He is a ninja who was raised from the dead. When you turn into a ninja-scorpion you will get a tail of a scorpion that can shoot with fire arrows.Mortal Kombat Mod 0.10.5

Sub-Zero can control the ice, as a result of which you can shoot frozen arrows at your enemies.Mortal Kombat Mod 0.10.5

Item ID:
Kotal Kahn (ID: 455)
Scorpion (ID: 456)
Sub-Zero (ID: 457)
Kano (ID: 458)
Raiden (ID: 459)
Kenshi (ID: 460)
Kitana (ID: 461)
Scorpion Tail (ID: 462)
SubZero Dagger (ID: 463)
Cybernetic Knife (ID: 464)
Possessed Katana (ID: 465)
Steel Fan (ID: 466)

Installing the Mod Mortal Kombat:
Download the mod.
Download as necessary BlockLauncher Pro.
We go to the settings BlockLauncher Pro.
Choose from the appeared menu [ModPE Script].
Push the [Add] button.
Click [Add].
In the [import script from] menu, select [phone memory].
We go in the folder where the mod was saved.
The mod must be in the format (.js).
Choose the right mod.
Set the texture.
Mod installed, nice game!

Setting the texture of Mortal Kombat:
Download the texture pack.
Download as necessary BlockLauncher Pro.
We go to the settings BlockLauncher Pro.
Choose from the [Settings BL] menu that appears.
We put Texture Pack [On].
Click on [Texture Pack].
In the opened window, click [Import].
We go to the folder with the downloaded texture-pack, in the format (.zip).
Choose a texture pack.
Texture pack is installed!

Download mod

Download texture pack

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