Ultimate TDM Mod

TheDiamondMinecart is a popular YouTuber that makes mod reviews, shoots mini-games, and more, mainly for Minecraft on PC. Usually in his reviews, he includes Dr Trayuraus in his video – this is a great doctor who helps DanTDM (TheDiamondMinecart) test various things in a fun way.

This mod is created for true fans. In general, you can get various items related to DanTDM and use them for your own purposes.

Ultimate TDM Mod screenshots:

TDM Items:
The Power of Dan: Creates a minecart mine.
The Power of Grim: Creates a wolf and five bones that you can use to tame him.
The Power of Trayuraus: Treatment to full health.
Ultimate Minecart: minecarts.
Team TDM Sword: Kills mobs immediately.

Install mod Ultimate TDM:
Download the mod.
Download as needed BlockLauncher Pro.
Go to the settings BlockLauncher Pro.
Select from the menu that appears [ModPE Script].
Click the button [Add].
Click [Add].
In the menu [import script from] select [phone memory].
Go to the folder in which the preserved mod.
The mod must be in the format (.js).
Select the desired mod.
Set the texture.
Mod installed, enjoy the game!


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